Roberto Pandolfi

From leading trading transactions until winning the Activtrades Forex Contest with real money in 2011 and achieving 3rd place in the 2012 competition.

The successfull story of a forex trader.


My career as a trader began by chance with the execution of a mutual shareholding funds deposit plan and the drafting of the first chart in order to follow price trends and the related performances.
I dedicated myself to training with great enthusiasm, reading many technical analysis books and experimenting with the most widely ranging strategies related to online trading and learning from (like everybody else) the first imposing market lessons.



The hardest hurdle to overcome has been gaining the discipline that, together with risk management, is indispensable in order to leave the markets arena as a winner.



Therefore, winning the Activtrades Forex-Contest 2011 has provided me with great personal satisfaction and shown me that commitment always pays off in the end. Evidence of the validity of my trading system was obtained when I repeated my 2011 success and won the 2012 competition.



Therefore, my wish is to share my effectiveness via my signals service; such effectiveness is the fruit of a trading model that I have polished over the years and that I continually update via this website.


Milano Finanza Newspaper

"Roberto Pandolfi leading with 552.52%, a trader named Ravennate is in second place with 90%, third place is taken by an Aprilia operator with 41.25%. This is the classification after one month and one week worth of competing in the real money category. Continued ...

Class CNBC interview