Best Trader 2012: +204%

My track record at the Forex Contest 2012, organized by Activtrades.

My story continues ...

Another important result to justify my success trading method.

The story continues... actual fact and having won the 2011 Contest by assuming very high risks, I realised that I would not last the long haul when I tried the same tactics in everyday trading.

Therefore, I had to weigh up my effectiveness again, change strategy and money management and try to find continuity in results. These considerations were necessary in order to face the new challenges lying in wait for me; sharing my knowledge requested by more than one person.

It is for this reason that the months subsequent to the 2011 Contest saw me begin to resume the price action that had not provided me with great results in the past. I tried to amend it, adapting my trading style, experimenting with new versions and trying variations of the theme.

The turning point arrived unexpectedly.

As if by magic, all of the pieces of the puzzle fitted together and CHILOMBA MASTER TRADE was born.
Therefore, this trading system originates from a painstaking and difficult research for an operational method bearing perfect codification of all trading plan elements and the return of continual profits; it even maintains the discretion of the trader that uses it.

What is the best test of the new Forex-Contest 2012 to find the plan that seemed to promise this system?
Therefore, I registered for the contest and, assessing some CHMT statistics that I had, I changed the lever very slightly, increasing the risk in order to have a hope of winning; however, I did not change anything else.

I stuck to my guns in the end until the last contest day and ended with a prestigious third place and a wholly respectable performance of 204%.

However and in my opinion, the true victory had been the illustration that CHMT is something that works and that, although it cannot guarantee the repeat of such results in the future, it is a powerful tool for professional and profitable trading.

Roberto Pandolfi - Chilomba